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What is the Singapore MACH program?

The Microsoft intern to MACH program is a 2 to 3 month experience for full-time students currently in either an undergraduate or post-graduate course. Our program is MACH intern for SE Asia, all program participants will work on meaningful projects at Regional Headquarter during summer internship to build tangible work experience. We are assigned individual projects to summit to our country manager at the end of internship to evaluate performance throughout the period according to expectation set in the commitment. This program is designed not only to work on individual projects but also to work in teams with other selected interns from other countries in South East Asia. Therefore, it provides a great opportunity to learn how to cooperate and work with people from different cultures and to develop worldwide social network which is another significant factor for working in the future.

Although the preparation for internship is quite complicated, but fortunately Microsoft took care of everything regarding the relocation; legal documents, visa, TEP work permit, housing. We arrived Singapore 3 days before actually starting to work. The place we are currently staying is only 3 stations away from the office which is very comfortable for us. There will be more fellow MACH interns from other countries joining us later, we really anticipate their presence and hope they will be coming real soon!

Since we are the first group to arrive, everything has not fully been set yet but Anna had been very helpful for us. On our first day at Microsoft, we were busy setting up our work space and focusing on installing the required software needed for getting started.

IT room at OME was the first place we visited and we were totally amazed by staff there because of their skills to hectically manage loads of their work.

In the afternoon, we were scheduled to meet our mentors who will be taking care of us for the rest of our internship here at RHQ. During the first meeting, we all have discussed individual project details and the expectation throughout the length of our stay. We then get hand out of the employee badges and more importantly we got Window phone7!!! It’s brand-new LG Optimus7. We spent the rest of the week exploring the office, learning various necessary tools and technologies to get acquainted with Microsoft Culture. And that’s how we start our internship journeys as Thai MACH interns in Regional Headquarter.


    Jul 27, 2011
    4:17 pm

    Jeremy Tan

    how do i apply for the MACH program?

    Nov 12, 2011
    5:12 am


    Hi I am unable to apply for the MACH program. I search MACH program and cant find the exact link to apply. Please help with this.

    Nov 14, 2011
    12:47 pm


    Hi Elamaran,

    Follow this link and select the region you are applying for. Whether this is UK, US or Singapore, all are available here.

    You choose the country in the drop down menu and follow through the application process from their recruitment page.

    Good luck!