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POOJA PATEL, MACH Technical Account Manager

Hi Everyone! My name is Pooja and I’m a new employee at Microsoft. I joined Microsoft on the MACH (Microsoft Academy for College Hires) scheme as a Technical Account Manager (TAM) in September 2012. Before starting at Microsoft I studied Computer Science and Management Studies at the University of Nottingham. After university I realised I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and luckily managed to find a temporary job. I spent a year working in accounts and travelling to places like Kenya, Israel and Miami. After a few months of working in accounts, I quickly learnt that this was not the career for a person like me who enjoys a more customer facing role.

Although I studied computer science and management studies at university I was a bit hesitant when I applied to the Microsoft MACH technical stream. I wasn’t sure that I had the technical background that would be required for the role. Since then, I have realised that even though I am not very technical, I feel like I fit in well at Microsoft where there is a diverse workforce with people from all different backgrounds and experiences. One of the great things about working at Microsoft and being on the MACH scheme is the help and support you get from the people who are around you. I also love the fact that I can wear what I want into work! J

Since I’ve been at Microsoft, there have been many internal events which always leads to a buzzing atmosphere in the office. I have taken part in some fun activities and have also had the chance to give back to society. I’ve been to charity quizzes, twitter challenges and I will soon be helping host a yearly event for school girls on the Microsoft campus. One of the highlights since I’ve been at Microsoft was the 10 days I spent in Seattle where I was trained and given guidance on how to do my role.

I’ve been at Microsoft for 2 months now and I can truly say I’ve had some amazing experiences so far and met some great people. Hope you all find this helpful and feel free to post any comments if you have any questions or anything.

Pooja :)