Microsoft is ranked as the Number One Placement by Rate My Placement

What is Rate My Placement?

Rate My Placement is a website designed to help students fine and choose internships/placements based on student reviews. It is easily accessible, with all the job descriptions, length of the placements and application deadlines.

What Recruiters Think…

“Microsoft is number 1 Undergraduate Employer because we take our role in shaping and forming the future of business and the business of people very seriously. Our Undergraduate programme isn’t a tick in the box exercise for us to look good on paper. We believe in people and the power they can have when they are learning, discovering their own capabilities and using the potential they have; to achieve more than they thought they could. The working environment and amazing culture of Microsoft empowers us all to get the best out of each other- intern or not. Microsoft is second to none if you are looking for a place to push your boundaries and get set for long lasting career success. It’s here if you want it.”

– Mariyah Ackaa, Regional Delivery Manager (UK, France & Germany).

‘Push your boundaries and get set for long lasting career success’

“Interns bring immense value to our business – they add a perspective that we most likely don’t have. We see them as an asset which we try to leverage everyday. In our team, interns are doing their day to day roles but also work on projects that challenge them and help them develop. They don’t wait to be asked because they know that no idea is too bold. In fact, the bolder, the better! Every year I am yet more amazed at the high level of contribution this group makes to our team in such a short space of time, we are fortunate to have them. We also try to create an experience here at Microsoft for this group which will be supportive to their education and also memorable; in both a business and “fun” perspective. We are very pleased how the team worked last and this year so far.”

– Ravleen Beeston, Head of Sales, Bing UK, Microsoft Search Advertising.


What Current Interns Think…

Danielle Maxwell:

‘I feel so lucky to be able to work within such a good company! And as the year has only just started, it has made me look forward to the rest of the year even more. I know I am going to develop so many skills in so many areas’.

James Antar:

‘To see MS at the top fills me with pride. Being provided the opportunity to work and develop at no1 fills me with great confidence that this is the best place to grow as a young man entering the business world’.

Rhea Odedra:

‘I feel really lucky to work in a company like Microsoft, and it’s no surprise that it has topped the Rate My Placement rankings – it’s a fun, relaxed but rewarding environment which is really reflected through each member and role within the company’.

Joseph Brown:

‘Coming to work for a company as large and established as Microsoft forces you to create a number of expectations on what opportunities and challenges are going to come your way. After working here for just over a month, I can honestly say that Microsoft is a company that will open doors for you that you wouldn’t know existed otherwise! From what I’ve experienced thus far, there is an endless list of reasons as to why Microsoft deserves to be ranked number one for placements’.

Ellie Woodin:

‘I think that Microsoft is number one because it is a company that provide real responsibility to their interns and values their contribution as much as any other employee’.

Priya Bansal:

‘Microsoft being number on Rate My Placement is a well deserved title. They embrace their intern community, and we are given the opportunity to grow and develop both socially and in the work place. Everyone within Microsoft is so willing to help and give advice to us as interns, and we are given responsibilities that we never would have thought we are capable of handling – and for that I can understand why it has been rated so highly’.

Felix Freeston:

‘It has only been a few months into my internship but I already understand why Microsoft are number 1. Ideas are listed, explored and actually actioned on – no matter your position in the business! The community within the business is second to none and having made new friends and networks, I am proud to now be a Microsoftie’.

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