Hi, My name is Jenson and I am an apprentice here at Microsoft, I am based in Reading TVP, and my role here at Microsoft is as a support engineer. I love my job here at Microsoft, I feel like there are so many opportunities available and I have made so many friends who are all so passionate about working here. I have previously worked in retail and it is nothing compared to working here. This is the best place to work!

How have you developed during your time at Microsoft, Do you feel more set for working life?

Firstly, I have never been very keen on public speaking and being very sociable and have always been quite shy in meeting new people and presenting in front of people. On my first day at Microsoft I realised I was one of the youngest there and everyone else was talking to each other, so I decided to take a bit of a big step for me and started to talk to people who I had never met before.  It was nice to see what everyone was into and how they felt being at Microsoft. On that same day, we made a WhatsApp group chat which we still have where we talk about our day etc and we try and meet every now and then to go out to the cinema or just go for a bite to eat.

You should never worry about meeting new people here, everyone is nice! I did a training course called essential educate on presentation skills which really helped me to talk in front of people and helped me to know my audience a bit better. I have also developed my passion to learn new things.  Before coming to Microsoft, I hated learning new things as I felt like it was so boring and in all honesty I did not enjoy it at all.

Describe your experiences at Microsoft in three words.
  1. Amazing
  2. Exciting
  3. Unforgettable
How would you describe the application process?

One thing I would say which is important is do not worry, it can seem very daunting at first but everyone else is in the same boat as you. Everyone is equal and has the same opportunities as you! Never think just because he or she knows more than you, that you will not get through the application process. As long as you know the company and a bit about some of Microsoft’s products eg. Xbox, Office365, HoloLens you will be absolutely fine 😊

So, the Application process consists of 4 stages. Stage one is pretty straight forward it is an online test which consists of general questions about what you would do/act in certain business situations. Now if you have passed this stage congrats! Next comes the weird part – Stage two is a online video interview where you will film yourself answering questions. You will have 30 seconds to look at the question and then film yourself answering it. I would suggest beforehand to ask family or friends to go over some interview questions which might pop up. If you have passed this then brilliant! Stage 3 is a live skype interview again before doing this ask friends or family to ask you questions, also make sure to dress smart even though you are talking over skype, it is important to try and treat it like a real interview this goes for the online video interview as well.

The final stage is the hardest of them all… the Assessment Centre! Don’t panic! Everyone worries about this but as I said at the beginning as long as you know about the company etc. you’ll be fine. Make sure you think about what you want to do after you finish an apprenticeship at Microsoft, as it is a very handy answer to have.

What opportunities has working at Microsoft provided you?

I have had loads of opportunities and I have only been at Microsoft for about a month now. I went to a Microsoft event in London called Future Decoded, it was a really cool event where I talked to some of the partners of Microsoft and got involved In various keynotes and activities there. David Walliams was at the event and he spoke in one of the keynotes which was brilliant! However, one of the biggest opportunities I got given so far was volunteering to help the audience of the Pride of Reading awards with showing them how to use our Surface Pros. I met Chris Tarrant who was the host for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and actually got a selfie with him! There are so many 101 teams you can take part in as well such as Be Your Future where more opportunities for you will open.

Why did you initially apply for Microsoft?

I initially applied for Microsoft as I had a real passion for I.C.T and technology and what’s better than working for one of the world’s biggest IT companies?!  At school, I had no idea what I wanted to do therefore my grades were very poor and I just thought “well I am going to college anyway, so why try?” But I went to a careers convention as my brother forced me to go, and found a Microsoft stand there I went to talk to one of the workers there and he was talking about the apprentice scheme, I had no idea that Microsoft did apprenticeships, I was so happy I remember every day since then I was looking for when the apprentice scheme starts and when you can apply. I never thought I was going to get in as I knew I had not had much experience with a job before, especially for such a big company.

But I was wrong, Microsoft really do not care about background so much and if you have a passion and drive to learn then you have a great chance 😊



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