Exhilarating, thought-provoking, stimulating. Find out why Charlotte joined Microsoft as an Apprentice….

Name: Charlotte Harris

Education: A-Levels (ICT, Media Studies, Art & Design)

Job Title: Global Social Media Analyst

Microsoft in three words: Exhilarating, thought-provoking, stimulating.

Briefly describe your current role at Microsoft:

I work in CSS (Customer Service and Support) and responsible for improving the global delivery of Microsoft’s customer support via Social Media channels. Alongside my role, I am working towards a Level 3 Digital Marketing qualification with the training provider QA.

What made you choose Microsoft?

I chose to work at Microsoft because there are so many opportunities available here. Not only can you get invaluable work experience in a professional work environment, but you can volunteer to get involved in extra activities away from your job role. The image below is from when I volunteered at an event about inspiring females to take an interest in technology careers.

Microsoft really try to stretch their employees and encourage them to have a growth mind set. We are urged to continue learning more every day – we are even given free access to online training sites such as Lynda.com and Pluralsight.com where you can choose to take courses you are interested in. It’s a great way to build your CV! Personally, coming here was the right choice for me because I wanted to gain work experience whilst studying at the same time, and I know that working at Microsoft will open doors for me in the future.

“I know that working at Microsoft will open doors for me in the future”

What has been your best day at Microsoft?

My best day at Microsoft was my first day here, despite how nervous I was! I got to meet and get to know all the other apprentices and we participated in lots of fun team-building activities. The activities were good ice-breakers, and everyone managed to have a laugh!

What advice would you give to any students looking to apply?

For any students looking to apply for an apprenticeship at Microsoft – just remember to be yourself and have confidence. Show who you really are, not a made-up version of yourself. I would say that you should have some knowledge of Microsoft products when applying, but for the Business stream apprenticeships, you are not expected to have large amounts of knowledge in the technology industry. Your knowledge will grow each day when working for this amazing company!

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