Name: Sophie Davies

University/Course: University of Exeter, Business & Management with Industrial Experience

Job Title: Technical Account Manager

Brief description of your role: I sit within the services organisation which delivers Premier Support to Microsoft customers. As a Technical Account Manager, I am the main point of contact and trusted advisor to global customers, I manage the relationship with the customer and act as the bridge between the customer and Microsoft – coordinating internal resources to help the customer achieve their technological goals. I’m not technical, but my job is focussed around understanding customer goals and helping them maximise the value out of their Microsoft investment

“There is a real culture of team working and people are always happy to help”

A top tip for being successful during the Graduate application process:

Have a clear understanding of why you want to work here and why you are passionate about technology.

What is a challenge you face at Microsoft?

Working at Microsoft is very fast paced; keeping up with the organisational changes, constantly evolving goals/ business priorities and being up to date with technology trends is really challenging, but it does also make it an exciting place to work.

Did you do an internship? If so, doing what? Would you recommend to current students?  

I undertook a 13- month internship at Intel, my job was predominantly budget management for the Channel Marketing team in EMEA. This internship was an invaluable piece of experience, I felt I learnt more practical knowledge during that whole year than in my full 3 years at University. It really helped me realise what I wanted to do after University, made me far more focussed going into my final year and equipped me with numerous examples for interviews.

How would you describe the working culture at Microsoft?

Microsoft has a very flexible and supportive working environment. There is a real culture of team working and people are always happy to help – this really helps with navigating the fast- paced environment.

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