Meet Laura, an Account Manager intern in Bing Ads who describes the skills needed to be successful in her role.

Name: Laura Paffen

Business Area: Bing Sales

Location: Dublin

What are the 5 main skills needed to carry out your role? (e.g: Event management, communication etc. briefly describe your role as you say these skills 7-8 lines).

Taking care of clients and their accounts in Bing Ads represents one of an account manager’s main responsibilities and requires the capability to build relationships. A trustworthy relationship management in turn needs open communication skills for being able to achieve more efficiency and understanding, thereby nurturing a stable and long-term relationship. However, an account manager typically takes care of more than one client, meaning that prioritization skills are necessary to be able to decide which account needs attention first. Another skill needed for my position is flexibility. It happens not seldom that a customer cancels a call last minute or reschedules meetings repeatedly. So even though you are ready to talk through the agenda you prepared, you need to be flexible for arranging new dates. Lastly, it is helpful to possess analytical skills for being able to analyse the accounts correctly, making valuable recommendations in terms of optimizations and handling all data.

What is your favourite thing about Microsoft? (e.g the culture, the people).

Unquestionably, my favourite thing about Microsoft is its culture and what it makes with people. When applying for my current position, I researched as much as possible about Microsoft to get a feeling about its dynamism, people, values and beliefs. Every report would have pointed out the uniqueness of Microsoft’s culture and to be honest in the beginning I wondered if I shall blindly believe it. Respectful, human, international, inclusive – these are adjectives that spontaneously come to my mind when thinking of the culture at Microsoft now that I have experienced it for three months. Every employee I have met so far (inside and outside my Bing team) is approachable and open-minded, which in turn creates a great working atmosphere. Just to be clear on that: I am not exaggerating!

What is your favourite Microsoft product at the moment and why?

My favourite Microsoft product is the surface.

I have never used a surface prior starting at Microsoft and was surprised how quickly I got accustomed to it. I like its design and practicality.

What is your top tip for anyone applying for an internship at Microsoft?

My one tip is to behave professional (in the sense of preparing before interviews, meetings, events) while being oneself (which leads to the huge amount of different personalities at Microsoft). None of the two aspects should come at the cost of the other.

Outside of your day job, is there anything else your involved in within Microsoft?

Together with 7 other young women from Microsoft, we are taking on the challenge to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in February 2018 to raise awareness and funds for Plan International’s work. Plan International is a global humanitarian and development organisation that works on advancing children’s rights and equality for girls helping them learn, lead, decide and thrive. What this looks like in execution ranges from working with communities to eliminate child marriages, fighting the practices of genital mutilation, eliminating security risks that inhibit girls from being able to go to school – this can sometimes be something as simple as building safe toilets so that girls are protected from the likely event of getting attacked.

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