Find out how Deba found a passion for Technology at Microsoft….

Name: Deba Obasohan

Business Area: Operations

Location: Dublin, Building 3

What are the 5 main skills needed to carry out your role?

Time management – When performing time sensitive task, you will need to know how to prioritize your time and deliver.

Organisation – In the role you will receive hundreds of emails and have plenty of meetings, you need to be organized so you are not overwhelmed.

Communication – One with your team and your larger team. It is fundamental with the number of meetings and skype calls, you must be able to communicate clearly and accurately.

Attention to detail – In a part of my role I come across a lot of agreements, in which I have to pay attention to the finest of detail and make sure everything is compliant.

Solution driven – Partners/ clients come to us to solve problems every day. I need to be able to self-serve and provide the accurate solution

What is your favourite thing about Microsoft?

My team, I have the best team in the world. The support and foresight they have  is unmatched.

What is your favourite Microsoft product at the moment and why?

Teams, teams to me is a one stop shop, you can have multiple teams, one with your intern group or another with your virtual team. Teams has all the files that are important to that group and is good for keeping up with your group members by their posts. It is a source of information

What is your top tip for anyone applying for an internship at Microsoft?

Be yourself!

Outside of your day job, is there anything else your involved in within Microsoft?

Here in Dublin, we are moving to a new building and as part of a hack, me and a few colleagues were involved in naming the meeting rooms, which was cool. I am also involved in various projects within operations, one of them being the opportunity to work with the American team to improve a process within Advertising operations. Twice a week I play 5-a-side with a couple boys from Bing, which is good for socializing whilst nutmegging an account manager.

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