Find out what a 101 team is, and how interns are getting involved with team Loveit.

What is a 101 Team?

101 teams are set up as part of our intern experience at Microsoft. They are stretch projects that allow us to join intern lead teams that specialise in different areas across the business. They allow us to explore outside of our job roles and let us take part in things that matter to us. 101 teams cover everything from traveling to Universities to promoting Office 365 to teaching children in schools about exciting careers in tech.

101 team: Loveit

Loveit is a 101 team run by four interns that sets out to promote Microsoft’s latest products internally. They do this by planning and executing events for our employees to attend, aimed at raising awareness and excitement for our products. This is a great opportunity for interns to learn how to plan large events, run marketing campaigns, manage budgets and communicate with stakeholders. The Loveit team act as a free marketing resource for departments to use to evangelise their products, however the team can pitch for budget if they want to make the event extra special! / if the return on investment is significant!

The 2016-17 Loveit Team!
The Loveit Surface Event

One of the events that the team have run was in partnership with Microsoft Windows and Surface as part of the #FutureProof campaign. The team was tasked with putting on an intern event for employees that promoted the use of surface devices in future jobs, with the tagline; 65% of today’s school students will be doing jobs that don’t exist yet. This was a fantastic opportunity for the team to showcase our range of Surface devices in fun and creative ways.

The team set up several booths in our Customer Consumer Group room (a huge room at our Reading Headquarters filled with Xbox’s) each showing off the power of Surface in different ways. Ranging from drone flight courses to virtual reality experiences. The event was a complete success with extremely positive feedback from employees.

This event had been planned months in advance, and required a close working partnership with the Surface and Windows teams. This was a fantastic opportunity for interns to learn how to communicate with key stakeholders, advance their presentation and pitching skills, whilst also learning what it takes to fully plan and execute a marketing event end to end. This is just one of the many amazing experiences that is offered to interns at Microsoft.

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