“It’s amazing how international the Bing team is…”. Hear Sjoerd’s story here!

Name: Sjoerd Hortensius

Business Area: Bing Sales

Location: Dublin

What is the one thing you would have like to have been told before starting your first day at Microsoft?

It’s amazing how international the Bing team is. In the UK Bing team alone there’s at least 6 different nationalities. Before I started, I didn’t know that Microsoft was such a diverse company and it would have been great to know this before starting the first day, as this will definitely excite you more to go to work every day and meet people with different cultures and backgrounds

What has been your favorite intern activity so far, and do you think Microsoft are good at connecting inters from different teams?

In the beginning of the year, all Microsoft Ireland interns form different group with which they want to have impact on life within or outside of Microsoft. Me and 2 other interns from different departments formed the HackAbility group, where we want to organise hackathons on improving the life of people with disabilities. With this team, we’ve already gained so much support from senior employees and we’re building great relationships with organisations on accessibility like Enable Ireland. It’s cool how Microsoft allows interns to actually have a big impact on the organization and they support you in every way they can to achieve that goal.

How has Microsoft’s working cultures and beliefs helped you with your everyday work?

When you start your first day at Microsoft, you really feel that everyone is there to support you if you need it. It’s this culture of inclusiveness and teamwork that really gives you comfort when you first start. After a few weeks, you’ll also notice that everyone is open to hear your ideas on how something can be improved. Your manager will actively ask for your view on the current affairs as a ‘new set of eyes’. In short, from the first day on you’ll feel like a full-time employee.

Are you happy with the level of responsibility you have been given as an intern, and has this helped you develop key skills? 

As an Account Manager intern, you’ll be given a lot of responsibility on the job. As account managers manage the relationship between marketing agencies and Bing, you’ll have your own little Book of Business with clients. You’ll be responsible for client management and interaction and a seamless integration. This has taught me a lot about myself and my key areas I had to improve. Key skills you will develop as an Account Manager in Bing will be leadership, client management, presenting and human skills.





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