Microsoft’s Aspire Team Head On Campus to Run Interactive Recruitment Workshops. 

On Wednesday 8th November, the Microsoft Aspire Team  became the first team to go out onto campuses and run interactive workshops about recruitment giving students genuine insight into recruitment and assessment centres! ASPIRE’s mission is to empower more girls and women around the UK to consider careers in technology. Through hosting a range of workshops and events, we aim to change the perception of women wanting to work within the technology industry and skill them up to be confident with applying for role opportunities.

We had 35 First, Second and Final year female students show up and the event definitely inspired and impacted a lot of women on how to get opportunities available to them not just in Microsoft. At the beginning, we had a presentation about all the digital transformation Microsoft is working on and just a general showcase of Microsoft tech like HoloLens. Then we went into why we were on campus, and that is to share the message that we need more women in tech! During the workshop, we were able to sit down and really help the attendees understand assessment centres, give them insight into one on one interviews, help them with their cv’s, talk about the importance of LinkedIn and finally equip them with a scenario example that they can refer to in interviews and applications for all companies.

Quotes from the team:

“Today was a really insightful experience – talking to students who are interested in Microsoft and technology, and hearing that we helped them was so rewarding! I would’ve loved to have this opportunity at my University, so I’m glad we provided it”

“The event at Aston University was an incredible opportunity not only for myself to learn and develop my skills in communication with different audiences and people much older than me but as well learning techniques even I didn’t know previously that can help me in the working world. The group of girls that participated throughout the whole day really showed a great deal of enthusiasm but also expressed to all the members of the team how much knowledge they have taken from this event. The importance of this workshop really showed by all the members verbalising how they now feel more confident to go into interviews and assessment centres, similarly they now feel they know the correct body language and the right choice of words to use in any interview situation.

These kind of events and workshops are truly needed in all universities and schools. I can’t wait to hear all about the future events with Aspire, it’s a great 101 team with an excellent message following behind it”


Feedback from attendees & a few pictures from the event:

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