Early in career paths at Microsoft mean more than doing a daily coffee run. You’ll discover early on that you are given real responsibilities that have significant business impact. Within the first few months you’ll already have some amazing stories to tell! Below are just a few of the many amazing opportunities that interns and apprentices have got to experience this year. Ranging from face time with some of the most important figure heads at Microsoft, to fun social trips abroad. There’s so much to discover, here are just a few of those from our team!

Gamescom Germany: Grace

Just a month after I started I was lucky enough to go to Gamescom in Germany with the Xbox team! A five-day trip teaching me all about the games industry and how we use social media within Xbox.   

I first got to attend press events, where I was able to see how the Xbox staff communicate with the press about upcoming games and how they operate when it comes to huge conferences. We then did a FanFest exclusively for mega fans, allowing them to come in and play upcoming titles early, and gave out free Xbox merchandise.  I also got to go back stage for a live stream event for the game ‘Sea of Thieves’ and get real hands on with the activities all week, as well as meeting some top YouTube gaming personalities.

But it wasn’t just work, we also got to attend exclusive social events, such as the Mafia 3 party, dinners, drinks and a live music concert featuring The Last Shadow Puppets. This was an experience I will never forget and feel unbelievably lucky to have attended as part of my internship.


Football in Portugal: Luke

During the first week on my Internship I found out that Microsoft had their own football team. After attending training, I was delighted to find out that myself and five other interns had been picked to take part in an upcoming tournament. The tournament consisted entirely of Microsoft employees from all over the world and was held in Lisbon, Portugal.

So in September we were all flown out for the weekend to play football representing our country, it felt like a mini World Cup. We managed to make it all the way to the final but ended up placing second after losing to Hungry.

But this wasn’t the end of it all, after the tournament all the employees met up to have a meal together. This was a great chance to speak to people from all over the world and see how their experiences working for Microsoft differ.

After the meal, we all set off into the heart of Lisbon for a night out, celebrating getting to the final which was a great achievement for the whole team. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who likes to play football or just wants to take up a new hobby. I’ve had great experience playing for our team and have definitely made friends for life.


Meeting our UK GM: Thomas

The first quarter of my year at Microsoft has come and gone and now we’re starting to settle into the real work. Every intern has loads of different opportunities that arise at the start and throughout their year.

Luckily enough, myself and the other interns working in the Public Sector have had the chance to get involved with a great project called EduConnect. This is a platform in which we are trying to drive employees to volunteer within Education. Through this we ended up helping out at several events which set out to teach children basic coding skills. In addition to this we also had the great opportunity to meet our new UK General Manger, Cindy Rose.

She was really excited about the event and also the ethos at Microsoft that enables employees to get involved in volunteering especially within the workforce of the future. This is not something I would have imagined happening within my first few months of Microsoft.


Training in Ireland: Elizabeth

My role at Microsoft is as a Junior Account Executive within Bing, with most of my team based around Europe. In my second week into my internship I got the chance to go to Dublin for five days with other interns. This gave me the opportunity to initiate a collaborative project, meaning I was able to work cross-culture and experience international teamwork.

Meeting other interns gave me a fantastic chance to network and explore another Microsoft headquarter, in a city none of us had been to before. During the week we completed a number of different training sessions to give us a real insight into what our role would involve, making us feel more comfortable and excited to start. This included the ‘Bing Ads Accreditation’ – an open-book test that gives us an in-depth understanding of the Bing Ads advertising platform.

Once completed and having passed, the accreditation can be displayed on our LinkedIn pages as a recognised, professional qualification. Dublin was a great business trip that allowed us to experience the workplace outside of our home office and work with those across-borders, whilst also having a great time exploring the city, sights and not to mention nightlife!

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