A Day In The Life Of An Associate Consultant

Hi my name is Meral! Since September 2016 I am a MACH trainee within Microsoft Services. Specifically, I get to call myself an Associate Consultant within the Data Insights Domain, but what this really means is that I get to spend my time with all the cool stuff! Consultants within my domain are working together with the client on their newest Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning solutions. This also means that skills that are required in our domain are really varied: you can set your focus on the more traditional subjects such as SQL, but you can also decide to take a deep-dive into R, Azure Machine Learning, Power BI or Stream Analytics. The possibilities are endless and only you decide which technology you would like to become an expert in. This doesn’t mean that you need be an expert in order to start! What’s really important is that you have a strong drive and an endless curiosity, because technologies change frequently and before you know it the world will ask for experts for programs that haven’t even been out there for a year. Much like the technologies I work with, my workdays are also very dynamic. My typical Monday however looks something like this:

I’m not exactly a morning person, so I rarely start my days before 9. Often I even start at 10, because I like to go to the gym in the morning or go out for an early coffee with my boyfriend before we both head to work. ‘Heading to work’ is not usually the office for me either. As a consultant, your work location is heavily dependent on your clients, so on some days I take the train out to Gorinchem, Den Haag or even Arnhem. When you’re at the client, you spend your whole day talking to all kinds of people. Your role can sometimes be that of an instructor, but most of the time you actively work in cooperation with the client, reorganizing their infrastructure or enabling that data flow. Currently, most of my meetings are conducted via Skype, because my client is located in Germany. I love this because I can choose to do this at home, on the road or even in a café. I’m free to work from wherever I want to whenever I want to! Every second week, I finish my Monday at the airport so as to fly out to my client in Stuttgart for a day. I actually enjoy this part of my week very much, because I love traveling and having some me-time in the hotel. My days then usually end on a dinner with local friends, reading up on some of the interesting links I found throughout the day or watching the monthly Q&A with Satya!

Curtesy of the BYF Team 2016/17


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