A Day in the Life of a MACH Sales Trainee in the Netherland

Hi I’m Fleur and I have the privilege of fulfilling the position as sales trainee for the enterprise partner group (EPG) at Microsoft. During my time as trainee I help the account teams serve the distribution and services segment, which includes customers such as Heineken, Ahold, Jumbo, KLM, NS, KPN, BDO, and many more. The best thing about being a trainee in the enterprise segment is that you truly are learning from some of the best sellers out there! This combined with the amount of freedom we are given enables you to really get an understanding about the different selling roles such as product specialists, technical sellers, commercial sellers, as well as some behind the scenes information such as marketing and pipeline management. Though there really isn’t a “typical” day I’ll do my best to give you an idea about what type of projects I’m working on!

….freedom we are given enables you to really get an understanding about the different selling roles …

My mornings typically start somewhere between 8:30-9:30 with a cup of coffee at our beloved Coffee Company, with either some fellow MACH’s or other colleagues. At this time we catch up about our weekend and current opportunities/deals that we’re working on. Next I find a place to sit at the office and open up my SurfacePro4 and take a look in CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to see if there are any new leads to follow up on. If not, I get right to working on the current projects I’m doing together with the account managers.

Right now I’m working on a really cool project and that’s selling the SurfaceHub to our clients. To do this successfully it is up to me to gain enough knowledge about the products to be able to engage in customer conversations and schedule appointments with clients driving the sales pipe. At first it’s pretty intimidating to simply pick up the phone and call a customer about the SurfaceHub, and make sure they are as enthusiastic about the product as I am, it’s one of the best learning experiences! Not only do you work on your sales pitch and develop product knowledge but you also need to make sure to profile the customer and find out with their “pain” is if you ultimately want to get the appointment.

At 12:00 sharp it’s lunch time which includes a diverse range of hot/cold options! Think extensive salad and soup bar, fresh fruit, yoghurt, bread, freshly made paninis and even two hot meal options! As you can imagine this is one of the highlights of my day.

After lunch my afternoons are usually filled with a meeting or two to discuss upcoming/current projects as well as a few hours during which I power through my to do list. As for what time I leave… That differs per day! Sometimes I leave at 3 PM and continue working at home for a few hours, and other days I stay at the office until 6 PM and make it back home on time for football practice!

 Courtesy of the 2016/17 BYF Team

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