Former Intern and now Graduate, Hamza tells us about his onboarding experience having now re-joined Microsoft…

On Wednesday 19th – 20th October the new starters, including the Graduate Technical Account Managers (TAMs) Carl & Laura and myself (Hamza) went to Munich for the Services onboarding experience. 

The services onboarding experience is when all the new hires within services and the EMEA region come together in 1 location (rotating between Munich to Dubai to Dublin). Within the training fundamental elements about Services is spoken about alongside various group activities, it also provides an opportunity for the new hires to network and understand the how the same role may differ according to the country.

‘One session was delivered by a Senior TAM from Austria, who spent the day and a half educating the new hires and providing a high-level overview of the different roles. Some of the topics covered were Connects, distinct roles within Services and an in-depth understanding of the unique and individual working styles, done through filling a DiSC Profile activity’- Hamza

The grads also extended their trip over the weekend to explore Munich further and visited Tegernsee, to experience some breath-taking views. (The mountains that can be seen in the distance are in Austria)

“This was a great experience and a great opportunity to meet other new Services starters which provided a great networking opportunity, we were able to understand how the roles and the MACH scheme differs dependant upon country. Also, it gave us the opportunity to explore Munich and Germany further, having not been there before. This trip was also great to know each other better 😉 ” Hamza Khan

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