Name: Danielle Maxwell.

Job Title: Programme Manager within Customer Service and Support.

Current role at Microsoft: I focus on the operations of the customer experience, seeing how we can be innovative to make improvements.

Describe Microsoft in three words: Fun, Challenging, Forever-Changing.

A funny story: During my first week at Microsoft (which is a long time ago now), I was lucky enough to attend a Customer Experience Transformation day in London. Which involved listening to presentation from large companies about how they have changed their customer experience. It went on all day, and during lunch we got to network with all the different companies. This was great- only my first week and I could understand the different elements of the customer experience, which was key to my role, and I got to network with some of the largest companies in the world. However, eating lunch and talking to senior people is difficult to do at the same time. Just as I was getting introduced to a senior leader, I was not concentrating, and I starting chocking on my food. I was very embarrassed, but someone got me water and I live to tell the tale. Despite this, we all laughed together, and found it funny. It was a great experience, and such a great way to start my internship.

‘My work family’

Favourite thing about working here: My favourite thing is how quickly you begin to feel like a work family. My manager often refers to us as his work family, and I so think it is true- you spend more time at work than you do at home, and you soon gain great friends that they start to feel like your family. I think my team really started to bond on our two offsite we did during the year. We hired a house and all stayed together for a week, once in Wiltshire in September last year, and once in Wales in  February this year. This offsite was for strategy planning, and focusing on new targets, and how are previous targets were playing out. However, as well as working we all got to have fun together in the evenings playing table tennis and silly games like The Logo Quiz. It was also great to stay in the amazing mansion like the house in Wales (although it did feel haunted some of the time).

‘Amazing place to stay’

Working culture at Microsoft: The culture at Microsoft, I feel is so different to other companies. They promote flexibility, but not only do they say it, they deliver it, and as an employee you feel it is up to you how and when you work, as long as you perform well. Not only that, but personal development is huge. Especially as an intern, you are given opportunities without your team to go and learn, and make a difference somewhere else, and this can all be done during work time. So that is a huge advantage of an internship here, as you won’t only leave with experience in your area, but experience and contacts throughout the business. This is one thing that really struck me at first, but you soon get used to it, and appreciate these benefits of being in the lucky position you are.

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