Here we bring you yet another international insight. This week, a throwback to last years team who met up with the team n  Lets take a look at his International Insight!

Courtesy of BYF Team FY 16/17 

Moi and Greetings from Microsoft Finland!

I started my journey as an intern in Developer Experience and Evangelism team at Microsoft Finland about 4 months ago, and so far every day of it has been amazing!

When I was first applying to Microsoft I thought I would not even get through the first steps of the process. Getting a job in a company like Microsoft seemed like something unreal at the time, especially considering my lack of technical background. Nevertheless, I managed to go through multiple interviews and an assessment center to finally become a part of the company.

I guess in the mind of many people, Microsoft is a type of company where people wearing suits are sitting at their desks from 9 am to 5 pm and rarely smiling. Well, I guess several years ago I thought like that as well; but I was surprised how mistaken I was!

“When I joined Microsoft Finland and Developer Experience and Evangelism team, I realized that I have never felt more welcome at any other workplace before”.

Even though the start is always stressful, my team made sure that I didn’t become overwhelmed and told me that I should look at my role at Microsoft as a learning experience. After being in the company for a while, I realized that every single person I was surrounded by was also in the process of constant learning. And what was even more surprising to me was that no one, regardless their position in the company, was scared or intimidated to admit that learning never ends and you can never reach the perfect amount of knowledge for the job; there is always room for improvement!

I was really amazed to see that people at Microsoft are having fun while having high business targets, tons of work and extremely busy schedules. I was sincerely touched by the fact that everybody in the company could always find spare time to catch up, brainstorm about new ways of working together or just have a chat about what’s going on in their lives, which is an unusual personal aspect for big corporations. Since the start of my journey at Microsoft I kept on getting inspiration, drive and motivation from people that work there.

I can clearly remember a phrase said by Jose Fernandes (DX team leader Finland) and Drazen Dodik (Audience Evangelism Manager, DX), who also happen to be my mentors, that I should never be afraid to challenge people around me and speak up my mind anytime I think there is a better solution to the problem. It was exactly the encouragement that I needed to push myself forward personally and professionally.

Since the very first day of working at Microsoft, I have never had a day when I didn’t want to go to work. That is something that many people look for years and years and never find, which is why I feel grateful and happy to be the part of Microsoft Family! I would also like to say that every time you hesitate about applying for a job that seems unrealistic to get, or you question your capabilities; forget all your doubts and just apply; you never know – your next step might change your entire life!


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