We our super psyched to be able to share with you guys the latest addition to our International Insights section. Today, Olga and Aleksei from our Russian Colleagues have given up some time to give us some insights into their Microsoft Story.

My internship at Microsoft was quite unexpected for me. As I used to work as a Java software developer I was looking for a position in the field of software project management rather than sales. Besides, Microsoft was not a dream company for me because of its pretty aggressive strategy with some products such as Internet Explorer. In other words, it did not look for me like an innovative company of the future. So, I submitted my application for an internship just in case and did not consider a career in sales seriously. However, it turned out that I had not noticed a new era in the history of Microsoft which had begun with the arrival of Satya Nadella. So, what I observed changed my perception of the company. First of all, it was more friendly attitude to the IT industry and end-users manifested through “Microsoft loves Linux” posters and cool office apps for iOS and Android. Secondly, it was the potential of the company in the field of data management, predictive analytics and cloud computing which are the products I work with.

Last but not least, it was the team where I work now. After each interview I realized that I would like to collaborate with and learn from these people.

Thinking about why I was chosen among many other candidates and what helped me to pass all the interviews I would mention three points. Firstly, it was my mathematical background that now allows me to grasp the concepts of predictive analytics and machine learning. Secondly, it was my working experience as a software engineer which taught me to deal with various software. Finally, it was my MSc study at Lancaster University Management School that developed my business acumen as well as understanding of the role of information technology in the business world.



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