Hear from Elliott about his experience as a Graduate, his travelling, surprises and concerns.

Name- Elliott Jenkin

University/course- University of Kent – MSc IT Consultancy

Job Title- Premier Field Engineer/ Business Value Specialist

Brief description of your job- As a Premier Field Engineer I act as a technical advisor by delivering workshops in person and remotely to Microsoft’s Premier customers across the world. I also provide numerous services to increase systems availability, resolve critical issues and ultimately improve the health of our customers environments. Recently I was approached with the opportunity to join a new program on a temporary basis which was being put together in the US and I have since completed my training and joined the Business Value Specialist team. With this new team we look to understand priorities of businesses through deep meaningful business value conversations, showing solutions via immersion experiences and then proving the value that can be realised in organisations.

Why did you choose the Microsoft Graduate Programme?

Quite simply why wouldn’t you, if you like learning, want to have impact, want to be a part of an organisation that looks to empower its customers and employees alike, then this is the place for you. I personally chose it because it is a company which offers endless opportunities, encourages self-development and appreciates you for who you are and what you bring. As an organisation it is doing exciting forward-thinking things and you get to be a part of that, so what is not to love.

‘It is a company which offers endless opportunities, encourages self-development and appreciates you for who you are and what you bring’

 How was the application process for you?

Similar in structure to a lot of other graduate applications across the industry but it definitely felt more personal. You don’t feel like a number in the system especially when you come to assessment centres, you really feel like a valued individual for having made it through. There are some points where there are some long waits to hear if you are through to the next stage so don’t be alarmed if you haven’t heard anything in a while.

Some advice, do your homework and understand how you could fit in and what you can bring to the table. Everyone here is incredibly welcoming and approachable but we all understand the culture, the mission and the values of Microsoft which is what makes everyone work so well together.

Highlight of being at Microsoft so far?

The travel has been a highlight, our onboarding was in Bucharest, since then I have been to Warsaw, Seattle and next up is Vegas so I am clocking up those air miles. These trips have all been valuable as well, they are great learning and networking opportunities which I wouldn’t have had at other places. More work related is the exposure to innovative technologies, being able to sit in on expert talks and have early access to industry insights.


Here are the Graduates onboarding in Bucharest

What has surprised you the most about working at Microsoft?

The culture of teamwork and the eagerness to share knowledge to solve problems. In previous work I have found people are very siloed while at Microsoft you are constantly encouraged to share and engage with your team and with the wider community around you.

What concerns did you have before joining Microsoft? 

Will I have time to learn everything I need to know to do my role well? My degree was more business focused than technical, so I was concerned I would struggle to pick up some of the concepts but once you are here everyone has a similar starting point. Microsoft technologies are unique you have to learn them from scratch anyway and you are given the time to do so.  

Describe your experiences at Microsoft in three words.

‘Never stop learning’

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