A Technical Account Manager Intern, check out Edoardo’s action packed day Microsoft Italy arranged for their Interns!


We decided to start our intern day with a meaningful activity, we wanted to include in this special day something that we could be proud of! We went to work with the association Il Pane Quotidiano, a local charity that distributes food to every person that needs it. Their motto is “Here nobody will ask you who you are, why you are in need, where you are from”. Basically, the only rule is that every head counts per 1, and everyone receives food every day. We helped the volunteers in all the activities, from food distribution to cleaning afterwards. At the end of the day we had a lot of new friends and each one in its own way is a special person.

To work in such an environment, where the mindset is very aligned with Microsoft’s “every people and every organization in the world” made us appreciate our company values at a deeper level and it also made us more aware of how lucky we are to be working in such a beautiful environment like the Microsoft House in Milan.



Before the meeting with HR Lead Pino Mercuri, we had the opportunity to have a lunch all together. Thanks to Microsoft we were able to have a table in one of the beautiful restaurants in Milan. Apart from the excellent food, it was a good moment to discuss about the onboarding process. Each of us had the possibility to describe and share its own experience so that we could learn from the others and better understand what the roles in the company are and how they relate to each other. It was a good moment to build a stronger relation not only in a professional way but also as friends. By talking to each other in a place different than our office, we were more stimulated to talk about ourselves, our past experiences and our future prospective. It was a memorable lunch in which we knew better every member of our small community made of intern!



HR connect:

The experience done during the afternoon was probably the most relevant for Microsoft values. We met Pino Mercuri, the Human Resources Director since 2013, a wonderful person that gave us the possibility to know better the company and our future opportunities. Each of us presented himself telling his/her role in Microsoft, the background education and the interests for the future. After the intern presentations, he told us his story and how he started and grew his career in Microsoft. Later, we had a Q&A session with him and I would say that it was a very interesting moment to express our opinions and better understand the values in Microsoft. We discussed about opportunities abroad and how we can continue our career in Microsoft, we gained good insights and advices about how to build a stronger network and how we can apply them during our internship.
After the 1 to many session with Pino Mercuri, we met Marco Guastamacchia. Marco is a current MACH employee, and he started like us doing an internship. Again, we had a Q&A session with him in which he told us his story and explained how he was able to gain a MACH starting from an Internship.


The last team building activity was a Team Cooking experience, which was super fun and interesting! We were divided in three groups, one for each course, and we worked side by side with professional chefs to cook the different parts of the menu. Working in team in a different environment was a new experience that allowed us to discover a new side of each other, while also tasting delicious Italian specialties! You can see the photos for the results of our work 😊













Our intern day was amazing, and we are deeply grateful to Microsoft for this experience, which allowed us to bond as a team and to do many activities that gave us more motivation to go back to the office and work with enthusiasm to contribute to Microsoft success!

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